Terror Victim’s Bridal Gown Is a Bridal Canopy for Thousands

On a recent evening in Jerusalem, Elianna Rosenstein and Itamar Kutai were wed under a deeply symbolic chuppah embellished with embroidered gold Hebrew letters and flowers encircling a picture of the Holy City. They are the most recent of the several thousand couples to be wed under that particular chuppah—sewn from the wedding dress of Nava Applebaum, a young bride-to-be who was murdered 20 years ago in a terrorist attack the night before her wedding.

Brazen Home Theft Ring Busted in Broward County

Marty Kiar, the Broward County Property Appraiser and Sheriff Gregory Tony, the Sheriff of Broward County, announce on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, a comprehensive investigation, which included the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, into a real estate property theft criminal enterprise, involving over 12 million dollars of property in Broward County, Florida, concluded with the arrest of the third cohort.